Friday, February 25, 2011

The voices- they talk to me

I have this great program for when it is just me running I just got.  I tracks the time, miles, speed, etc.  I can set it for a specific distance run or a time run.  That determines how the 'voice' notifies me of progress during the run.  I spent most of Wednesday trying to have the voice notify me of the completion of another five minutes at a different spot in my lap at the park.  I tried, and tried, but by the end decided I could have cut across the lap half way and it wouldn't have mattered.  There must have been some lady in a helicopter up top watching me, telling the pilot, "watch this, I am going to make Alex a bit frantic today". 

As I was headed back from the park home I realized that I probably needed to provide you all with some information.  Should you see an old lady in a black jacket with a Pooh ear warmer stumbling along, she is not drunk, lost, delusional (dangerously anyway) or confused and you do not need to stop.  She is just crazy.  However, if you see that same lady laying on the side of the road with her reflective sneaker up in the air (I have been trained to collapse in this manner as it makes it easier to locate the body) please consider stopping.  Unless of course you are an old boyfriend or buddy of my teenage son.....


  1. I want voices! No fair you aren't sharing them... And yes that is the first thing every runner should be taught - how to make finding the body easier.

  2. *giggle* I hear voices. I wonder if they are the same ones?
    I hate trying to figure out how new things work. Especially when I'm doing stuff. I just want it to work. Now.