Monday, September 1, 2014

Back at it.

Wow- so time flies when .... well, you know.

It is time to get back at it and get serious about being healthy and fit.  After being out of running for the past year, I have also been out of most all exercise, eating to manage pain and... well, everything.  It is like I just threw my arms in the air and said 'why bother' when I couldn't run.  That is SO not ok, but it is what I did.  I am probably normal here, but not healthy.

The last while I have been in pain.  A LOT of pain.   My joints all hurt and just not feeling well.  I decided that I had had enough and I am again working to eliminate all grains from my diet.  This is going to require some planning on my part with regard to lunches and snacks.  Mostly because if I don't, then I will either grab easy (read not healthy) or just not eat (also not healthy).  Neither of those will get me to my goal. 

Yesterday I pre-cooked items for lunches for this week.  I also cut up a bunch of veggies and now just need to make up some hummus to go with them for snacks. 

Today, I purchased some chicken (thighs on sale for 99 cents per lb) and baked it off.  It is in the refrigerator now cooling so I can pull it off the bones and freeze to grab and go later.  For now, the food is looking like I am on the right track for daytime meals.

Moving, is going to come later.  Not today.  Today has been about getting things done and powering through.  Today I HURT.  I mean really, really hurt.  I don't know why so badly today, but I do.  Not just my joints, but everything.  I feel all swollen and stiff and achy.  Nothing doesn't hurt except my eyelids.  The good news?  It reinforces that I am making the right changes and not a minute too soon.

Wishing you health, happiness and a great nights sleep :)