Tuesday, May 31, 2011

here it is- VENT ALERT

so, I know I owe you a follow up post on the Race to Robie and how amazing the experience was, and it was. Yes we finished and it was truly awesome.  I promise you will get that post.  However, this is NOT that post.  Feel free to stop reading now as this is not going to be uplifting or about anything but ME!

I am sick to death of trying and trying and not getting anywhere.  You want to know how much I have lost in pounds and inches since the first part of January?  NOTHING!  Not one freakin' thing and NO my clothes don't fit differently so the whole muscle vs fat thing, out the window here.  I have NOT been on a Blizzard run in so long I don't remember.  I have eaten more lettuce and green crap than a rabbit in their entire life.  I have been drinking meals and doing all the right stuff.  I set my alarm on Saturday mornings and go run for miles, literally.  Last week was NINE!  When I was on my trip I even went up to the treadmill at the hotel instead of going out with the rest of the group after dinner.  I am doing the things I am meant to and the other stuff that is MEANT to happen isn't!  This SUCKS! 

No- it is not a plateau, because to plateau, you first have to have SOME progress.  Really, what is the point here?  WHAT?!?!?!?  Is this what it takes for me to maintain?  If so, I am royally screwed!