Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happening, but at what cost

So, after all the griping and breaking down to buy new pants, I think I am FINALLY losing some weight.  At least, the scale has consistently told me that for 2 weeks so despite my clothes fitting the same, I am inclined to believe it.  However, I think that I may have to bag what seems to be working because I think it is why my endurance for my runs is less.  I need the carbs for the running, but eliminating them is they way to get my body to burn off fat.  Sooooooooooooooo now I have to figure out the BALANCE.  Not as few as I have been having, but less than before to see if I can have enough for running, but not so many the weight doesn't come off.  I wonder if I just do the card supplement thingys (like GU) if that would do it?  Going to have to do some research here, that is for certain!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

THE Race to Robie- my first half marathon

Here it is, the long awaited, oft anticipated, report on the Race to Robie.  So you understand, when Betty and I started this crazy adventure we call 'running' in mid January, we had no intent to do this.  In fact, we adamantly exclaimed that we would NOT be doing this, because as everyone knows, Betty and I are sane people.
Over time it progressed to a Maybe, then a 'I'll get the entry, but I can always sell it' to a "BRING IT!" - but only one time!  Within 24 hours, I was willing to do it again 'if the theme was right'.  Betty continued to swear, 'one and done'.  A couple of weeks ago, while shopping for new shoes -yep we actually WORE OUT some running shoes- Betty admitted she might be talked into doing it again.  I have also decided that I am actually planning to do it again next year.  ACK- I have lost all sense of reason! :)

So, here are our happy grinning faces before the race with another friend who left us completely in the dust!

Spotted pre-race in the crowd, we decided it was one of the funniest things EVER!

Here are a few of the 'views' during the race.  Just to give you a tiny feel for the terrain, and YES that is snow you see in some of the pictures!

 Almost there and at this point I am REALLY trying to pass some of those shirts we have been following the entire way, I keep telling Betty, 'come on, we can take 'em"- yep, I am not competitive at all, not one teeny tiny bit!  LOL!!

WE DID IT!  We met out goal and finished Robie!  Our fabulous support crew "K" was up on the hill and took this picture!  She was cheering us on.  So funny, Betty says "She better come down because I am not climbing up there", it wasn't until in the car on the way back that she learned she actually said it out loud - we all got a great giggle out of that.  We also learned that our support crew was correct, and potato chips, AMAZING post race food.  They will now be a required item in my post race bag.  Thank you "K" for ALL of your support and encouragement!

Now, I know that I can pretty much do anything I put my mind to.  It just take perseverance and work, no big deal ---- most days!


I conquered the dreaded 'buffet'!  I have family in town visiting and it has been a whirlwind of going out to eat.  For the most part, I have been able to find healthy choices and not do too badly.  Last night, however, was the buffet restaurant.  You know the kind, where you have the feeling you really need to get your money's worth and they have islands and islands of food, desserts and multiple soda and ice cream machines.  SOOOOOOOOOOO easy to just go crazy!  I will admit that I did splurge, a bit.  However, not like I normally would.  My indulgences were 1/2 cup of yummy 40 gazzillion calories Au Gratin potatoes and a huge, warm, butter topped white roll with honey butter.  I did not get a dessert.  I didn't look at the 'island of sin'.  I knew if I did there would be things I wanted, but without looking, I was completely fine skipping it, so why mess with it?   I admit to having second thoughts when I saw the girl walk by with the root beer float she had made, but since I had already made up my mind, I resisted.  The best news, I didn't leave feeling like I had missed or given anything up.  My relationship to food is shifting.  It is becoming sustenance rather than my friend and comforter.  This is GOOD!