Friday, April 1, 2011

Hello- I am #1387- nice to meet you

I got my bib number for the Race to Robie!  I am super excited and scared spitless.  Actually though, the scared part is disappearing very quickly and being replaced only with the excited and 'Bring It' mentality.  I absolutely KNOW I can finish this and I honestly think I am going to be in overall pretty good shape afterwards even.

Betty has forced me to train and be prepared and focus on just finishing at MY pace and not worry about all the speedy Gonzaleses passing us.  Someone has to be the last one over the line regardless, right?  It is about finishing and finishing strong, healthy and injury free.  Especially since I have other events to get signed up for :)  I even got completely into the spirit and purchased my water holder butt thingy!

Tomorrow is the 'big run' for our training.  It is 12 miles and gets us almost to the summit on the trail we run for Race to Robie.  Can I tell you how THRILLED I am to know that I only have to run up Shaw Mountain Road 2 more times?  That is getting to be seriously old!  I will perhaps miss Cujo Corner, but not much else.  Well, maybe if we see the deer again this week, that was pretty cool.