Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spartan Race PNW Sprint

I have delayed writing about this last weekend's Spartan Race because I am not quite certain what to share.  This race, for me, was much harder than AZ.  I am certain that all the hills had something to do with it.  Running the Hurricane Heat at 5:30 am prior to my race time I KNOW had something to do with it.  This bad boy definately had something to do with it :

That is  a barb wire crawl, uphill, 100 yards.  It was so steap that the placed ropes on the top 1/4 of it because otherwise no one could have gotten up.  Oh, and guess what?  I did that thing TWICE.  Yep- 2 times.  Why you ask?  Because I am crazy.... CRAZY AWESOME!!! 

Seriously though, it is because I participated in the Hurricane Heat.  This was the most fun ever.  If you get the opportunity, I would strongly suggest doing it.  I had a blast and met some fabulous people.  Here is our team afterward.

Now, to the race itself. We were in the 10:30 heat. I have to say that as each heat was going off and the announcer, Billy, was asking who it was their first time for a Spartan Race, I couldn't believe how many fell in that group. It was so exciting to see all these new Spartans!!!

This course, although shorter than Arizona, was certainly just as hard or harder because of the terrain.  Just like Arizona, I failed the rope climb, spear throw and traverse wall all in a row - so 90 burpees.  I am certain they put those 3 together intentionally, just for people like me, lol!

This video on you tube is a pretty good one of the course.  Many of these obstacles I did multiple times because of being part of the Hurricane Heat.

I am also very, VERY proud of my Spartan Son. He ran with me in the 10:30 and has an amazing story. That is for another day though.
Only Spartan Women give birth to Spartan Men

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Update on Paleo/Primal eating

It has been a couple of weeks since I changed my dietary habits and I want to share an update, observations, etc.

This has been a lot easier than I thought it would be.  I am guessing it is because I am doing it as a long term dietary change approach rather than the more negative 'diet' idea.  Also, I am not trying to find substitutes for things.  Some things are just 'out' and no longer foods I eat.  I am not using sugar substitutes and trying to bake bread or cakes with acceptable substances.  I just plain don't eat them anymore.  Period.  I seem to do better with an all or nothing approach, so this nothing works for me.

I am NOT hungry.  I have not limited my food amount intake.  I don't think - oops, too much fruit or I should have a small piece.  I am doing portion control in general and working not to eat when I am not hungry.  But trust me, if I am hungry, I eat. 

I am feeling really good.  I had no idea how much pain I was dealing with on a daily and consistent basis until it was gone.  I knew about the aches and when things flared up.  I didn't know that it really hurt all the time.  That was 'normal' for me.  Now it is gone, WOW!!!  A side benefit I never expected, the stiffness and occasional ache in my knee that I have had since my surgery is gone.  I thought that was just part of it.  I realized this morning I haven't had it for over a week and the activities I would expect it to accompany have happened! 

I didn't make this change specifically to lose weight, although my research suggested that might be a benefit.  I can tell you that I saw a number on the scale last night I haven't seen since before my knee surgery either.

On a side note about weight loss, since that is how this BLOG got started.  I started running in Jan of 2011.  I can tell you that I trained for 2 half marathons and a full marathon with out any weight loss.  People say- but yeah, I bet it is more muscle and you really did lose.  Um, NOPE!  Know how I know?  My body fat % stayed the same.  So yes, I am stronger.  My heart is stronger, my lungs are stronger, my muscles are stronger, but no, I did not lose any weight.  I lost a tiny bit training for the Super Spartan and then the half marathon this spring, but it was a tiny bit.  Having this be a benefit from the dietary change is exciting, but not the reason for the change.

Another observation, this is not all in my head.  How do I know?  I went out last weekend for dinner.  We went to Mexican food, which I love.  Mexican food is not Paleo friendly.  Once I decided that it wasn't going to happen, I let lose and enjoyed my meal.  From the corn chips with salsa to the rice and beans.  I darn near licked the plate and it tasted amazing (it always does at this particular restaurant).  I also could hardly move my fingers the next morning and my hands ached for 3 days.  Only yesterday evening did it finally subside completely.  Do I feel like I undid all that good?  Yes.  Am I glad to know that the changes really are what is making the difference?  Yes.  Will I probably do it again at some point?  Yep- you can bet on it.  I will know the trades off though and it will be part of the decision making process.

I would love to share information and answer any questions you all might have.  Please let me know what you want to know and I will post responses.