Friday, April 9, 2010


I did not get the blizzard last night. I decided this morning to go looking and WOW- I could not eat all day if I had one!! Calories in a Blizzard and that is IF I didn't get the employee with the heavy hand at the hot fudge- you know the one I mean, the favorite employee!!

I did end up popping some microwave popcorn and eating the entire bag. Yep, the whole thing all by myself! Even better- it was only an hour before bed. I am sure that did my metabolism a ton of good.

I have decided I need to set some mini goals/boundaries that I believe will help me make permanent changes in my behavior. It has to be permanent changes or none of this will do me any good, I have already learned that. It took me a few million times, but I finally got it!

1- drink 8 cups of water daily
2- no eating after 8 pm
3- exercise for 30 minutes 3 times per week

Those are my first goals. If I can do that and stay around 1200 calories per day, I will be doing GREAT! The rest will come after I have conquered this!

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