Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Update on Paleo/Primal eating

It has been a couple of weeks since I changed my dietary habits and I want to share an update, observations, etc.

This has been a lot easier than I thought it would be.  I am guessing it is because I am doing it as a long term dietary change approach rather than the more negative 'diet' idea.  Also, I am not trying to find substitutes for things.  Some things are just 'out' and no longer foods I eat.  I am not using sugar substitutes and trying to bake bread or cakes with acceptable substances.  I just plain don't eat them anymore.  Period.  I seem to do better with an all or nothing approach, so this nothing works for me.

I am NOT hungry.  I have not limited my food amount intake.  I don't think - oops, too much fruit or I should have a small piece.  I am doing portion control in general and working not to eat when I am not hungry.  But trust me, if I am hungry, I eat. 

I am feeling really good.  I had no idea how much pain I was dealing with on a daily and consistent basis until it was gone.  I knew about the aches and when things flared up.  I didn't know that it really hurt all the time.  That was 'normal' for me.  Now it is gone, WOW!!!  A side benefit I never expected, the stiffness and occasional ache in my knee that I have had since my surgery is gone.  I thought that was just part of it.  I realized this morning I haven't had it for over a week and the activities I would expect it to accompany have happened! 

I didn't make this change specifically to lose weight, although my research suggested that might be a benefit.  I can tell you that I saw a number on the scale last night I haven't seen since before my knee surgery either.

On a side note about weight loss, since that is how this BLOG got started.  I started running in Jan of 2011.  I can tell you that I trained for 2 half marathons and a full marathon with out any weight loss.  People say- but yeah, I bet it is more muscle and you really did lose.  Um, NOPE!  Know how I know?  My body fat % stayed the same.  So yes, I am stronger.  My heart is stronger, my lungs are stronger, my muscles are stronger, but no, I did not lose any weight.  I lost a tiny bit training for the Super Spartan and then the half marathon this spring, but it was a tiny bit.  Having this be a benefit from the dietary change is exciting, but not the reason for the change.

Another observation, this is not all in my head.  How do I know?  I went out last weekend for dinner.  We went to Mexican food, which I love.  Mexican food is not Paleo friendly.  Once I decided that it wasn't going to happen, I let lose and enjoyed my meal.  From the corn chips with salsa to the rice and beans.  I darn near licked the plate and it tasted amazing (it always does at this particular restaurant).  I also could hardly move my fingers the next morning and my hands ached for 3 days.  Only yesterday evening did it finally subside completely.  Do I feel like I undid all that good?  Yes.  Am I glad to know that the changes really are what is making the difference?  Yes.  Will I probably do it again at some point?  Yep- you can bet on it.  I will know the trades off though and it will be part of the decision making process.

I would love to share information and answer any questions you all might have.  Please let me know what you want to know and I will post responses.

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  1. OMGosh, Lex, when I am through all this stupid accident crap, I need to do this. I'm just not ready yet. I need to get my vehicle replaced, etc. and get through some recovery, but I definitely want to try this.