Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Going Primal

Now, before you freak out or get too excited, I mean with food.  Some of you may have heard of the Paleo diet and some of you may not.  I have been researching it for some time and decided it is time for me, personally, to give it a go.  There are several reasons, but for me, the primary one is the anti-inflammatory properties.  I have been having some problems with developing arthritis in my hands.  An ache is one thing, not being able to properly grip the pull up bar or weight bars is quite another.  Time to take some action!!!

I decided to start with Mark Sisson's book - 21 Day Total Body Transformation.  It is giving me the information, reasons, etc. that I need to understand the 'why' of it all.  It is pretty fascinating reading.  It then also gives me a 'plan' to get started.  I was hoping for pretty specific meal plans, but it doesn't have that.  The intent being that I can have what I want and customize it.  I was hoping for lazy and follow directions, lol! 

The good news is I also got the Quick & Easy Meals cookbook.  I am trying a few things from it bit by bit and will let you know how it goes.  There are also a lot of resources online, blogs, recipes, etc. that I am finding. 

Now, to see how I feel in a few weeks.  Hopefully I am going to be swinging across those monkey bars at the Spartan Races like nobody's business!!!

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  1. hmmm... I've heard alot about the Paleo.. I guess I should try it.. but it seems it would be harder with me not eating meat.. doable, but harder, right?
    keep us updated because I really want to know if it helps :)
    good luck lady!