Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Starting again

So, quick update, a few months ago I had to cave and purchase some jeans in my current size.  I did hold out until the green fat pants were literally worn to nothing, but then, well, a girl can't run around naked in the cold!

Speaking of running....ever since the torn ACL, repair surgery and adventures in recovery, it has been my goal to become a runner.  Now, any of you that have known me for any period of time understand what a bizarre thing this is.  I have NEVER been one that enjoyed running.  I used to HATE when the gym teacher told us to run a lap around the track.  I always got a stitch in my side and no matter how hard I tried was one of the last in.  However, now I want nothing  more than to run a marathon.  Not because I think it sounds fun, no I have not gone that loopy, but because I want to be able to just do it!

So enter a friend of mine.  Let's call this friend, oh I don't know, how about BETTY!  Betty let me know about a run/walk training program that was starting up locally last week.  It seemed like a fabulous way to get started and we are doing it together.  I am very excited about it all, but I am pretty sure that Betty's real motive was not to get me in shape and achieve my goal, but rather to kill me off so she can have all my pink scrapbook paper.

Betty has also managed to talk me into doing the mid level training program.  Rather than the 10k I was first thinking, this is a -you have never run before, but want to finish a half marathon- program.  In real terms it means it just steps things up a bit faster and the end goal is 13 miles instead of 6.2. 

So- as I was run/walking my 25 minutes this afternoon, I had a few observations I would like to share with you.  These are in no particular order.

1- It is good to run with a buddy, not for encouragement, but so someone can tell them where to find the body.
2-Running outside is better than a treadmill because if you don't go the full distance, you don't make it home.
3-You will not pass out on the side of the road from exhaustion.  Not because you aren't, but because if you do only one of two people will stop to help you.  Either one of your teenage son's friends or an ex-boyfriend who will then know that 25 years later, not only are you NOT hot and sexy, but you are out of shape too.  Neither of these are worth it.
4-I am still mystified as to why my biceps are sore from running.  I am not running on my hands and arms as someone suggested, but it is strange to me.
5-There is not a stretch that I can find to make that sore side muscle that runs from your calf around to your shin at the bottom of your leg that hurts like HECK and I never really even knew existed!

I'm sure there are many more things that will come to me over the next few weeks and I will do my best to remember to share those with you as well.  If you have answers to any of my ponderings, I am wide open to them!


  1. Side stitch relief - per The Drs show yesterday... HUFF (I'll show you Sat or you can look on their site)

    We will need to find the solution to the leg muscle thing together :)

    Sat 8 am 3 miles WE CAN DO IT! Pink pom poms waving and I do not want your pink paper - I want all your paper MAHWHAAAAAA

  2. Good for you to be running! I loathe running. I hate how my body feels as I run. I am proud of you. Love your list...esp. #3. Good luck!!!

  3. good for you girl! I wish I could run.. I can just walk really really fast.. dr said no running for me.
    But just keep working your way up to it. don't get too much too soon or you will hurt yourself more. ease into it. :)