Saturday, January 22, 2011

4 plus miles

This was Saturday #3 of the training group.  Saturdays are the 'long' runs that get longer as we go to train us and increase endurance.  There are basically 3 different groups and depending on your group is how far you run.  The first cone is if a person is training for a 10k.  The second cone is training for Robie Creek half marathon, but new to the whole thing and basically just want to finish.  The third cone is training for Robie, but you have run before, etc.,etc., etc. 
Betty and I are in group 2.  We decided that we could push ourselves to that level and if we needed to back off some later we could.  Today, group 2 was a 4 mile run up Shaw Mountain Road in the fog and with ice (and I swear, it really WAS uphill both ways).  It really was beautiful and fun to see people's hair and eyebrows freeze.  Today, however, Betty and I decided to be over achievers.  We were going and going and going.  When we arrived at a cattle guard we discussed that we really didn't think the second cone (you know those BRIGHT ORANGE ones?) was that far.  There was a runner headed back so we asked and sure enough, we somehow had missed cone 2 and were on our way to cone 3.  Yep- we ran an extra 1/2 mile each direction.  So, with a big "L" pasted on our foreheads we turned around and started back.  That said, next week, 5 miles, not scary AT ALL.  Been there, done that~!

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