Monday, August 16, 2010

THAT picture

You know the picture I mean. The picture you see when you gasp out loud and hope that you really DON'T look like that, but know you do. The one when there is no more hiding it. The one that you aren't tucked behind someone or can't say it is just the angle. The picture when you KNOW that it is ENOUGH and truly hope no one else ever sees the picture.

I have THAT picture. I mean REALLY have it. It was taken on vacation and it just horrifies me. Now, to see how motivated I stay. I am considering printing it out and putting on my refrigerator, the inside door of the snack cupboard and the box that stores the microwave popcorn. Think that will help?


  1. It if helps, great ... if it makes you hate yourself, then take it down! Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  2. I have tons of those pics.. in fact..all of my adult pics are :) I am working on it though..

    but yes.. I do think putting it up, on the fridge, in the car, everywhere you can to remind yourself you are not that person..will help. hopefully..

  3. Oh one more thing..maybe add a pic of the "you" you want to be..just to add a positive motivator :)

  4. I don't know if it will work for you, but a lot of people have had success working through sparkpeople (

    I just use it to keep myself from gaining weight right now, in part because I discovered that when I try to "diet", I become obsessed with food and end up eating more than I would have normally. It's a weird quirk with me.

    Oh, and I think Sugar's right about putting up a positive motivational photograph. That's one of the things I learned on sparkpeople.

  5. Forgot to say - best of luck to you!! You definitely can do it!