Monday, August 29, 2011

Food journals

ok- I realize that if I really want to lose weight and achieve my goals I need to keep a food journal.  Can I just tell you how much I don't like doing this and how really, REALLY bad I am at it?  I can do it consistently for about half a day, period.  Then suddenly it is 4 days later and I am trying to remember what I ate and I can't so....

I keep trying and I am trying once again, but there is no 'easy' way for me to do this.  Not a notebook, not computer tracking, nothing.  I just need to have better discipline.  Period.

Anyone else?


  1. I'm kinda obsessive about tracking now. I am doing weight watchers and body for life. so I am on a very strict diet.. I know I said the d word.
    but I use a cute lil notebook I picked up at a bookstore.. it makes me happy to see it, so I will write in it. I also use my phone to log everything on it seriously has everything on it! you should check it out if you have time.. and I track online at weight watchers. I think the triple tracking makes it easier to not eat so much. I always feel like I eat a ton.. since I track it a ton lol..
    it is hard to get in the habit.. but even if you just use your notes option in your phone or a sticky.. so you can go back later and track it..

  2. Thanks Sugar! I think I have to just admit that ONE way won't work for me. I might need to write it down to log on the computer later :)

  3. How about a camera phone? If you're like me you always have your phone with you (pretty much) and can snap a shot (they will always be dated and in chronological order that way, too). Just a thought - I'm terrible when it comes to doing anything in a disciplined, consistent way for more than a couple days. But I find the easier I make something for myself the more likely I am to do it.