Sunday, July 10, 2011

Change in plans

Not by my planning, but there was a change in plans yesterday morning and I did not participate in the half marathon as planned. On my way to my half marathon I was involved in a wreck.  I was the 3rd car in line stopped at the light. Big trail blazer type vehicle hit me from behind full speed (one of the officers saw the entire wreck!!) and threw me (my car) into the subaru in front of me. The entire back and front of my car are crushed. The back window exploded. The passenger compartment, perfect condition. Most everyone at the scene was asking me all kinds of questions about the type of car and how I like it otherwise because of how well I was protected. I want my car back, but I really believe that I should have been severely injured. I am so grateful not to be. I will have a seat belt bruise and need a chiro, but there is no blood or broken bones I am aware of!  I also have 3 police officers who truly can't believe they weren't calling an ambulance for me.

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