Sunday, March 20, 2011

some lessons learned

I have learned the importance of making certain the mid-week work outs happen in addition to the long runs on Saturdays.  The last 2 weeks, I haven't gotten any of them in.  Not one and let me tell you, yesterday's 11 miles was killer!  My breathing was terrible and my endurance worse.  Probably the slowest time I have had in 6 weeks.  Chipper Betty was fabulous and kept telling me "you can do it!" which my brain was NOT saying.  We did finish it and for that I am glad.  I deserve to be much more sore than I am, but still need to stretch.

So, there are people who truly are crazier than Betty and I and yesterday we saw them!  As we were on the return leg of the 11 miles, we went by a couple who had packs on their back, using ski poles, and tied around there waist a tire they were dragging.  They each had their OWN tire.  It appeared to be rigged up to put additional weights on instead.  I was looking for Jillian behind them.  Seriously!  I proceed to tell them that they were a special kind of crazy and had ALL of my respect and awe.  I then had to pick up my jaw for about the next mile as I thought about it.  Really, the only way you could ever get be to do that was if Jillian was making me.

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  1. And it was only 2 miles short of the half! We can so do this - especially since I think I have figured out what Jay needs to do for us for accomplishing this.

    Champagne and chocolate at the finish line :)